Written to Death

A pending divorce. A struggling bakery. A winning plan. Two dead bodies?

Sandie’s sister needs help. If she can’t come up with a hefty chunk of change to save her struggling bakery, her wish for a fair settlement with her soon-to-be ex-husband will be dashed.

When Sandie devices the perfect plan—a competition to save the bakery, all the pieces come together fairly quickly. Sandie believes she’s done something that can help Kathy keep her business and finalize her divorce relatively unscathed. But her plan goes awry when not one but two bodies are discovered.

Now Sandie has a real mess on her hands and little time to solve this baffling case, find her suddenly MIA father, deal with the irate cat lady who’s taken up residence in his house, and somehow pull off a successful competition. Can she do it or is her grand plan dead on arrival?