First Edition Murder

Something borrowed. Something blue. Someone’s dead?

Sandie James sees catering as a way to pay off college debt while her literature degree collects dust, but a last-minute wedding booking wasn’t on the menu. Now she and her sister have no time to spare to pull off their biggest job yet.

It seems simple enough until their dad crashes the reception and picks a fight with a guest. When that guest is later found dead and their dad is standing over the victim, the bang-up job they believed they could do takes an ugly turn.

Her dad may be a lot of things, but a murderer isn’t one of them, and Sandie aims to prove it. Now, not only must she rely on her wits, but she gets a little help from Marlowe, the family’s Springer Spaniel, who is all too eager to leap in the thick of things.

As rumors breed fear and fear turns to finger-pointing, it’s a race to the finish line to clear her dad’s name and find the killer before the killer finds her.

Can Sandie pull off a miracle before it’s too late or will this wedding affair be the first and last catering job they’ll ever do?