Don’t Rock the Boat!

A missing sailboat, an I do, and a dead body.

Sandie James, aspiring author and part-time cake decorator, couldn’t be more thrilled when her two dear friends, Geraldine O’Hara and Henry Edwards, invite her to their island wedding at the lovely Sand Reed Hotel. The only thing that would make the weekend even better is if Sandie’s boyfriend would get the time off work to share the happy occasion with her.

But under the sunny smiles, tensions are churning. The signs are there and soon Sandie begins to fear someone in the wedding party arrived on the island with murder in their heart. When a guest turns up dead, the local sheriff is all too eager to declare the death an accident, but Sandie is sure there’s been foul play.

With more than one person warning her off the investigation, can Sandie find the killer before someone else goes belly up, or will she be next?