Sandie James Mysteries

Book One

A summer wedding ends with a bang of the gruesome kind. Caterer Sandie James must turn amateur detective to save her dad from prison.  

For Sandie James, fresh out of graduate school with a degree in Literature, employers aren’t exactly lining up. To make ends meet, she works at her sister’s bakery in their cozy little corner of uptown Brooklyn. When a customer asks her to replace her sick wedding caterer at the last minute, Sandie is glad of the extra cash.

The last thing Sandie expects is her dad, an obsessive book collector, crashing the reception to pick a fight with a guest who outbid him on a rare edition of a Raymond Chandler mystery. She is horrified when that guest turns up dead—and her dad is found standing over the body with the murder weapon.

Sandie is convinced her dad has been set up, but proving it is not easy. She must rely on her own wits, and the enthusiastic help of Marlowe, the family’s Springer Spaniel, to save her dad from prison.

As fear and blame spread through their quiet neighborhood, Sandie races to clear her dad’s name and find the real killer, before the killer finds her.


Book Two

In the world of art, most would kill to get to the top. 

An influential art curator is found dead at the local gallery. When Sandie’s friend becomes the prime suspect, he implores her to put her sleuthing skills to the test once again. Sandie’s cop brother is against her sticking her nose in his case, but how can she refuse when the man she’s falling for needs her help?

But the deeper Sandie digs, the more confusing seems the case. Is this a meticulously planned murder, or a crime of passion?

Worst off all, is the man she is trying to save really innocent?

If you love intelligent female sleuths, quirky characters, and a proper ‘whodunit’ mystery, this book is for you!